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Anytime Fitness
110 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015
0477 007 234
Bodydesign 247 Reloaded
Level 1, 178 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide, SA, 5019
08 8240 1912
Port Adelaide Chiropractic Clinic
77 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015
08 8341 0995
The Culture Trip
23 Queen Street, Alberton SA 5014
0413 504 654

The Culture Trip is a business built around Cultured Food and will operate in the City of Port Adelaide and Enfield City Council. I ferment what Mother Nature has given us, the abundance of vegetables. I chop them, slice them, brine them and then bottle them. I have jars of Red Cultured Veggies, Earth Cultured Veggies, Garden Delight Veggies, Kimchi, Koconut Kifer, Beet Kavas, Almond milk, Vegan Cheese, Activated dehydrated Buckwheat muesli to name a few! I use science, culture and quality ingredients, all Australian grown and produced and locally sourced where possible. These food items are easy to incorporate into daily meals.

Westcare Dental
Level 1, 30 College street, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015
08 8249 2070